The abstract Fine Art photograph “SKYLINE MIAMI” shows an interaction between the density of Miami’s skyscrapers with their bright and shining colors; the intense, but soft purple of the sundown in the sky, and the fascinating reflecting colors in the water of the Atlantic Ocean. The scene expresses the dynamic and vibrant energy of the city; an atmosphere of a modern, glamorous and powerful city.



About the Artist – Olaf Kohrsmeyer


Olaf Kohrsmeyer is a native German traveling the world with a curious mind and a creative eye. OK art photography binds these two characteristics and exposes the beauty of the world often missed by the common eye. As a talented photographer, Olaf’s ultimate passion is to share his gift and allow the viewer to see the beauty of the world through his eyes; refreshing the use of the viewer’s senses to truly understand the world that surrounds us all. To replicate the “common eye” a photograph may appear unrealistic, blurry, and at times confusing; this allows viewers to understand how easy it is to commonly miss or misunderstand the beauty in realistic moments. However, like anything else, after given a chance to understand and admire such art, these “unrealistic, blurry, and at times confusing images” begin to form into its true nature and those unrealistic details shift into reality.


From all his travels Olaf Kohrsmeyer fell in love with Miami, he describes Miami’s beauty as being the most inspiring and vibrant of all his travels. Miami – The Magic City, where Art Basel, the world’s premier international art show, takes place every year in Miami and is home to over 70 art galleries in its Wynwwood Art District.


OK’s photographs are exclusive, limited editions and are therefore rare collectible items. Each photograph is numbered and signed by the artist.

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